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The FMG Advantage

The FMG advantage
FMG is unique and make students’ life enjoyable. The most important FMG advantage is the continuous industry-institute interaction carried out through guest lectures, industrial visits etc.
Language Lab
FMG realizes the importance of language for preparing effective professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs. It therefore believes that these professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs should overcome the language barrier in their respective careers. A language lab designed for this purpose. The sessions at lab help students to sharpen their language skills. Regular classes on personality development by highly experienced trainers help students in developing confidence and business decorum.
Teaching Learning Process
The learning concept that prevails at FMG is student centered. The modules and the teaching pedagogy are well designed keeping in mind, the need, strengths and weaknesses of the students. Such a method helps faculty to impart knowledge and understanding in an effective manner and enables students to emerge as successful professional with clear conceptual and practical knowledge of the area concerned. 
Continuous evaluation
Continuous evaluation is an integral part of the teaching learning process. The students are evaluated by various methods: project work, quizzes, written test, seminars, presentations and group discussions. Each faculty member prepares his/her teaching and evaluation schedule at the beginning of the semester and follows the same throughout the semester.

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