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Industrial visit to Atlas Cycles (India) Ltd

On 15th Dec 2010, all the students of our college went for an industrial visit to Atlas Cycles (India) Ltd. They had prepared questionnaire to find out about the product made and the processes and inventory management system used etc. They were welcomed by the HR manager who sent a production superintendent to see the factory. They visited the factory and saw how the various models of cycles are made at Atlas Cycles.

They went through the molding section on the shop floor, saw the assembly line, paint shop and the finishing department. They were also shown the packing section where they learnt that cycles are packed in compact boxes in lots of five and transported all over the country. The final assembly takes place at the marketing end at the showroom where the customer visits to buy the cycle. They also had a chance to visit the quality control department where they saw ways by which quality of metal is checked. They saw loading of finished goods into various containers and the weighting and entries made in various documents when goods are sent.

After the interesting factory visit they spent an hour with the Marketing head who explained to them about the nature of business and industry where Atlas is operating. Students asked questions about the marketing aspects and advertising aspects of the company. They also asked certain HR related questions from the point of view of making projects. After snacks and tea, they came back to college having learnt the practical application of theoretical concepts they learnt at classroom.

Industrial Visit to Neokraft Global Pvt. Ltd.

On receiving the letter of permission from Neokraft Global Pvt. Ltd., NSEZ Phase-II Noida, 23 students of FMG Academy with 2 faculty members (Mr. Varun Suryavanshy & Ms. Neeta Durgapal), CRC member(Ms. Seema Tyagi) & Digital lab member(Mr. Ajay verma) went to Neokraft Global Pvt. Ltd. for Industrial Visit on 21.09.11. We all left the college at 2:00 p.m. & reached the company at 3:00 p.m. Noekraft staff received us at the entrance & took us to the reception area, gave a brief introduction about the company & their business. Queries of the students are also clarified by them. There was an interaction session with Mr. Arun Gupta, AGM – HR, who told the students about the company in detail. We left the premises at 4:30 p.m.

It was an informative , interesting and a successful visit. As students of management, they learned the production process system & working atmosphere of an organization. We express our thanks to the Director Madam for her who support, the faculty members & other members who accompanied us. On behalf of the corporate resource centre I wish their co-operation in future also.

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